I hope our articles and videos have been useful for you. In case you would like to learn more about a topic, you need additional support or would like to work on a challenge of yours with me, we offer the following services - consultations and workshops:




I can work with you live in Sofia, Bulgaria, or online through Zoom in English, German or Bulgarian. I work with females, as well as males. I consult adults and teenagers, however, I do not work with children under 12 years.
The price of a separate consultation is 50 Euro per hour. If we need to work more intense (1 or 2 hours per week), the price per hour will be 40 Euro.
A consultation inquiry you can make by sending me an e-mail:, by texting me using the chat on the website or you can call me: +359 888 66 10 26.
Note: if you haven’t had a consultation with me so far, I can schedule you only after you have paid your fee. If a client doesn’t show up for their appointment and doesn’t let me know 24 hours in advance that they cannot attend, the missed consultation is at the client’s cost.
I specialize in the following topics (I can consult you on other topics as well):

Body Image
Teenage Years
Femininity and Masculinity
Low Self-Esteem and Frequent Self-Sabotage
Difficulties with Assertiveness and Boundaries
Eating Disorders

Workshops and lectures

My current workshops and lectures are focused on the topics below.
I have some new ones as well, if you are interested, let me know.

“Love Your Body”

“Female Workshop”

“Assertiveness and Boundaries”



“Self-Sabotage – How To Stop It”

“How To Teach Children To Love Their Bodies”

“Eating Disorders”

If you are also interested in organizing and/or giving a workshop and would like to work together with me, please send me an email –

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