Difficulties with Femininity and Masculinity

Sexuality is not something to be ashamed of, nor is it something ugly or scary. It can bring a lot of beauty and joy into your life, it can help you go with the flow and enjoy what you have here and now. Sexuality is not only connected to sex, it is the way we go through life being a man or a woman and it doesn't depend on the presence of another. Your sexuality could give you energy to get going, to enjoy the little joys of life and to make steps towards what you really want. All of this happens with ease, not because you must, but because you feel such a passion for these things that you can't wait to start with them.

However, due to different reasons many people have turned their sexuality down and have difficulties getting in touch with it again. And so they start feeling like robots, they can't relax, can't enjoy, can't seem to have fun. Playfulness and laughter are not a common part of their lives, it is difficult for them to attract a partner and create a satisfying relationship. They start to read books and gather information on the topic, however, soon they realize that only reading won't help. Femininity and masculinity you learn not through the mind, but through connecting with your senses.

If you feel it is time for you to connect with your femininity or masculinity and finally celebrate it as a precious part of yourself, I will be happy to assist you with my professional support.

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