Each of us worries from time to time, feels like a misfit or has difficulties making certain decisions. For some people, however, doubting themselves, feeling unworthy and being indecisive are not an exception, but have rather turned into a life-style for them. Each negative remark or less than perfect result makes them doubt themselves as a person.

Often we don’t realize how valuable we actually are and that with a bit of self-belief we could be happy, loved and successful. It’s a matter of personal choice to take on the journey from constant self-doubt towards realizing your own self-worth. Being able to support yourself through difficult situations is essential.

During the workshop “Self-Worth” we will talk about:

  • What is the feeling of inferiority and where does it come from?
  • What price do we pay for the feeling of inferiority?
  • How to develop self-worth and how to give yourself support in difficult situations?

In this workshop we combine theory with practice.

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