Difficulties with Assertiveness and Boundaries

Since you don't want to make others feel bad by saying "no" to them, you often end up in situations doing something you don't want. You don't say directly what you need, you simply hope people around you will just know. However, they don't seem to get the hints and in the end your needs are not met and you are disappointed. You are not happy with your life. You don't really like a lot of the people around you, because you often feel used, so you simply start avoiding them. You have to settle for less than what you really want, because you don't manage to state what it is.

Does this sound familiar? Then maybe it is time to learn how to respect yourself, to say "no", to put boundaries and sometimes even a full stop when needed. You realize the time for change has come, but you still keep focusing on what other people might say and how they would feel, neglecting your own needs and feelings.

Assertiveness is an art, a crucial skill for the world we live in. I would gladly accompany you in mastering it step by step.

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