Adolescence is a natural stage of human development, characterized by transition from childhood into the world of adulthood. It is a whole journey, which includes hormonal changes, mood swings, gender specific changes in the body and the start of menstruation for girls. During adolescence the person forms new interests and gets to know herself better. The importance of the social circle increases and she explores the world around her more independently. She tries new things to find out what suits her and what is not her thing. She allows herself to make a step out of the family system and to question the status quo.

For the teenager it is important to develop her independence further and to have a look at what could be a suitable career path for her. It's also good to learn some time management and how to take care of herself and eventually of others as well. For the young person it is of extreme importance whether she fits into her social environment and if the guy she likes would like her back. This stage is connected to a lot of insecurities, uncertainty and difficulties. The more successful the teenager deals with those challenges, the more prepared and confident she will enter adulthood.

Having professional support will provide the guidance the teenager needs in this important journey.

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