You are used to living mostly for others, you don't know how to live for yourself. You do everything you can to please those around you and to make them like you. You measure your worth by whether you have a partner or not. It is difficult for you to say "no". Often you are not quite sure what you like or what you want, so you simply let others make decisions for you.

At the same time you like things being under your control. You take on matters that are usually not a responsibility of yours. However, instead of showing appreciation, people tend to get angry and even mean to you. Your love life doesn't seem to run smoothly either - you often attract partners with huge problems, people with commitment issues or addictions. At the same time it is difficult for you to deal with your own emotions, so you often relax using some substance yourself. You feel exhausted and angry at life most of the time, but you have no idea how to get off this roller coaster.

These are some of the symptoms of codependency. If you have recognized yourself in them, it's advisable to contact a psychotherapist, so that you have enough support to create a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle.

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