Low Self-Esteem and Self-Sabotage

Do you feel like an imposter when someone says something good about you? Do you think that they are wrong, you are simply not as good and worthy as they think? You are actually not good for anything and you are wondering why would someone want to spend time with you. Why would someone trust you with projects or be attracted to you? You are extremely hard on yourself for even the smallest mistake. You don't dare trying something new, because you are afraid of getting exposed.

When you finally do treat yourself to something nice, you soon find yourself ruining it - you will either rip it, spill something on it that can't be washed or even manage to cut part of the fabric when trying to remove the tag. Your phone often hits the ground, all of a sudden you say something rude, just as your relationship was finally starting to work out or you get involved into a massive conflict just when there was a chance of getting promoted.

Are you sick of feeling less than others and getting in your own way? If the answer is "yes", I will be happy to accompany you in your journey towards getting to know yourself better and loving yourself more.

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