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I got to know the dance meditation practice Live wave about two years and a half ago, when I had a class with her creator – Vesela Angelova, for the first time. I remember that it took me quite some time until I actually went to the hall – there were always some “important” things coming in my way, always something urgent prevented me from going there. But at some point I finally managed to get there and I really fell in love! And I fell in love so deeply that the Wave became inseparable part of my life.

There were times when I was feeling extremely sad or confused before the practice and I was walking into the hall with no energy at all, but after the first few songs my mood went up, I felt how my energy increased and I was even feeling some kind of euphoria. After the practice I had only a vague memory that something wasn’t quite ok with me before that, but it was as if it wasn’t me and as if it didn’t happen just an hour and a half ago…

I’ve always thought that meditation is something extremely complicated and difficult, for which you need a steady discipline and ability to remain silent on one place without moving. After hundreds of unsuccessful attempts to meditate in silence for a longer period of time than 5 minutes, I just accepted the fact that obviously meditation is not for me. But after Live wave came into my life, I realized I can meditate while having fun and enjoying music and relaxing my body in dance. And this was an extremely joyful discovery for me! It’s wonderful!

Moreover, Live wave helps me apply my self-development knowledge into practice, it helps my body adopt what I’ve learned through my mind! And this is so simple, but yet so great! I read and read all kinds of books, I filled up my brain with knowledge, but the next moment it was so hard for me to put this knowledge into practice and I was blaming myself all the time that I should do it this way, not that way! Every Live wave practice has a specific topic to be worked on and me personally, I also choose a specific topic for myself as well, which is in harmony with the bigger one. By focusing on my chosen topic during the dance, I let my body “realize” the learned lessons in the mind and start putting that knowledge into practice. This way I harmonize my thoughts, emotions and physical body, and this is so important if you are to reach your aims and make your dreams come true.

Something funny: I used to think that in order to develop my spirituality I should be serious and not do such childish things like going to a disco… Also I still don’t like the cigarette smoke and going too late to bed, so I had decided I won’t go to discos anymore, although I loved and still love dancing so much. Of course I had to pay the price for this decision – no dances for me anymore. But Live wave gave me the solution to this problem, now I can enjoy dancing and the romantic light, so that I don’t feel worried how other people perceive me when I’m dancing and focus on how I feel, and still I feel satisfied with myself, because I have fun and at the same time I don’t expose my lungs to cigarette smoke… Well, through Live wave I’ve also learned that it’s not necessary to be serious all the time in order to make spiritual progress. In fact laughter and staying away from the extremes is a much better tool! So now it’s not a problem for me to go to disco from times to times, but of course not too often!

Now let’s talk more specifically about what the practice Live wave is and why do I love it so much! Live wave is a free dance taking part in two waves, which are composed of seven different rhythms connected to the seven energetic centers in our bodies or the so called chakras. To each center refers specific body area, that’s why we move exactly this area in order to activate the specific center. And while we are having fun dancing, we can feel with which centers we have to work more and how to get them balanced. If during a certain rhythm you feel some kind of discomfort, this is an indicator that the center connected to this rhythm is not working that well.

For example, me personally, I have some issues with grounding – the connection to Earth is quite weak and very often we don’t “hear” each other that well. That is why I wasn’t surprised that at the beginning I felt very often out of rhythm during the first wave and I really hated all the songs that we used as music for the first center. During the second wave things were totally different and I even liked the songs for the first center, but this is due to the wonderful harmonizing that you get from the first wave. The first center is situated in the base of the spine and it is connected to our legs. This means that in order to activate this center, we need to move our legs more, as well as to get closer to Earth (literally!). After several months of practice now I could even say that I like also the music for first center, can you imagine?

The second center is situated 7 cm below the navel inside the body. This is the center of life’s joy, sexuality, the ability to go with the flow of life and to know that everything is ok. Here I’ve always felt home and those songs were always the most inspiring ones for me. Typical for this center are soft, gentle, graceful and playful movements from the hips. The Arabic dances work really good for activating this center.

I had a big fight with the third center as well! It is located exactly behind the navel and it’s connected to will and personal power, it is also responsible for metabolism! The music here is way wilder, the movements are quite harsh, masculine and you need to bend the back, so that you activate the third energy center. Breathing is also quite intensive, so that we can light up the inner fire, which will help us reach our goals. It took me quite a while until I’ve learned that having a strong fire is something wonderful, valuable and useful and you need it in order to make your wishes come true. Well, I can still feel when my inner fire has been weakened – dancing on its music starts to be a bit more difficult for me again, but when I keep on dancing despite this, then everything goes to balance again.

The fourth center is my favorite one – it is situated in the middle of the chest, exactly where the heart is. Directly connected to the heart center are hands and roaming, that’s why this rhythm is characterized especially by hands’ movements – in a way you dance with your angelic wings so to say. I adore the music for this center, because it always gives me a lot of enthusiasm, love and positive attitude!

The fifth center has also caused me trouble at the beginning – I was so afraid to set my voice free! This center is located in the throat and is responsible for our communication with others. The rhythm is quite wild and we have to let our hands move on their own and shake our head, so that we activate this center. All sounds are welcome – shouts, clapping… whatever you feel like. Maybe this was the most difficult thing for me – why on Earth should I shout? How is it possible?! I am a serious person; I cannot behave like a monkey! Well, I think we have already discussed what a wonderful sense of humor the Universe has… At the moment I am the biggest monkey, which has to make others in the hall shout and shows them how to behave like monkeys… This is destiny, what to say! But the feeling of setting your voice free is unique and has an extremely beneficial effect, especially for purifying the body!

With center number six we have always had a good relationship – it is responsible for intuition and imagination and it’s located between the eyebrows, inside the head. In its rhythm the movements are magical, relaxed, light and childlike. Here is the place to imagine precisely and clearly what you want. This is the perfect moment to observe the flame of a candle and to “throw” in it all your worries, because you don’t need them.

The seventh center is responsible for the connection to the Supreme and it is situated on the top of the head. The music is calming, and we just relax the body and move it or let it stay on one place, depending on how we feel from inside. After all other rhythms, the seventh one always brings you a feeling of inner joy, completeness, and sometimes even euphoria.

So this is my favorite wave. After one year of practicing Live wave, I’ve had the honor of becoming a Live wave teacher. And the feeling is magnificent!

If you want to see what does part of the wave look like, you can view the video below or try the wave in one of the halls it is being held.

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