Opportunity for a free skype consultation until 08.03

photo: Nadya Sabeva

photo: Nadya Sabeva

On the occasion of 8-th of March, we decided to give you a present – whoever feels he or she needs a consultation with me, they can enrol on my email: emma.tsaneva@gmail.com. Please write a short description about the topic that is bothering you and which dates and hours would be suitable for a skype consultation for you. This opportunity is available only this week until the 8-th of March.

I would like to remind you that I have been occupied and I am still specializing in the following directions:
– Love towards your own body;
– Unhealthy relation towards food;
– Permanent worry about body weight:
– Accepting your femininity;
– Dealing with low self-esteem.

Important! I am neither a psychotherapist, nor a psychologist, since I am still studying. So this consultation won’t be neither psychotherapeutic, nor psychological. What I can offer you is simply the experience from my own life and my experience from my practice as a yoga teacher.



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  1. ahmet_cenk says:

    A great knowledge and has most of valuable experiences….

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