Sexual Trauma – Causes – Victim Consciousness

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Now we will take a look at the reasons why do these bad situations in sexual aspect happen. This is not by chance, because in the long run nothing happens by chance. In order to find ourselves on the same place with such an ill person, we should have created a precondition in our mind for this to happen. Yes, it is extremely horrible, when you are hurt and you tremble with fear, someone to come and tell you that it is your fault! Well, here we are not talking about fault, we are talking about an important lesson, which we have received in quite a tough way, but let’s not forget that the Universe is the steadiest teacher and when we have to learn a lesson, the Universe teaches us in all kinds of ways. And when we are stubborn and we don’t want to learn the lesson the easy way, then we have to learn it the hard way.

A woman doesn’t attract such a situation to herself on a physical level. The argument that the woman provoked it herself through her clothes, through the fact that she went somewhere alone when it was dark or on a place with no other people around, the argument that she hasn’t chosen carefully the people she went out with, is not valid. Women who wear decent clothes, which don’t show attractive parts of their bodies, can also end up being sexually abused. This can happen also during the day on a place with many people around, so it doesn’t really matter that much if she is alone or with other people. Yes of course, a bit of cautiousness is always useful, but it is important to understand that we don’t attract a situation like this only on physical level.

We attract such situations through our thoughts, emotions and patterns of action. Unfortunately it is very common that women in general enter the role of a victim, because it is easier than taking responsibility. The balanced centered attitude towards life is the one of assertive person – the person who takes responsibility for herself and her life, the person who stands up for herself, but at the same time also takes into consideration the needs of people around. The assertive person knows that she can cope with every situation and gives her best in order to maintain positive attitude towards life. However, if we haven’t developed ourselves as assertive people, then we fall into one of the two extremes – we are either a victim, or an aggressor.

The person with victim consciousness perceives herself as weak, defenseless, helpless, she always sees people around as guilty for something towards her, someone does her something wrong all the time. At the same time she sacrifices herself for others, she is always the martyr for the sake of others. The needs of other people come first, before her own needs, but not because she is such a spiritual altruist, but because this is her way of manipulation in order to achieve what she wants. She is kind and gentle, she doesn’t dare to run counter people around, so that people around can continue to like her and take care of her, because she herself can’t take care of herself. She often complains and wails over the suffering she is going through. The victim consciousness is a refusal of taking responsibility for yourself and your own life. This is an unproductive life pattern, which consists of manipulating others through your weakness. But this model is not well balanced, that’s why the victim attracts to herself an aggressor, so that nature reaches its balance.

An aggressor is a person who is confident in his own powers, takes responsibility for himself and without a problem takes responsibility also for others. However, he puts his needs on first place to such an extent that he doesn’t care what other people feel or need. The aggressor doesn’t have problem to save the victim from her responsibility, but in return the victim should satisfy all his needs and do whatever he tells her to do.

When a woman has an imbalanced pattern of action, she is most often leaning towards the victim consciousness. This is not good for her, because she wastes a big part of her vital energy in wailing, complaining and satisfying other people’s needs, which prevents her from manifesting her whole vital potential, but all of us are sent to Earth exactly in order to fulfill our full potential. Universe gives her signs and situations in order for her to realize this pattern and get over it. It is time for her to feel her inner power and to manifest it as she stops perceiving herself as weak and helpless. However, the habit is something extremely powerful. We are so used to this pattern that we don’t give it away without hard fight. As a result the Universe sends us a sexual aggressor, so that he shatters us so strongly, in order for us to realize what dangers the victim consciousness could bring us. However, many of us don’t learn this lesson and we let such a situation make our victim consciousness even stronger. We suffered, so now the others should sympathize to us and take care of us, because such an awful thing happened to us… And this makes the trauma and the victim pattern even worse.

Yes, I know how horrible this words might sound, especially when you are scared and hurt and you just don’t understand why exactly you and how exactly you attracted those ill people. To realize this is tough, but from personal experience I share with you that the moment you find your inner power and stop perceiving yourself as a victim, these horrible situations will stop. Me personally, I was years on end grasped onto the victim consciousness, which put me into various bad situations with mentally ill people. I knew that it was some kind of a lesson, all this couldn’t happen by accident. However, for many years I couldn’t figure out what was the lesson. But now I know – I won’t be a victim anymore, because I am embodiment of power, not embodiment of weakness!

In fact the lesson is to realize that the victim consciousness hinders us. Not our outer look, the place or time provoke the accident, but the fact that we perceive ourselves as weak and helpless. This victim consciousness attracts as a magnet the consciousness of an aggressor. But when we succeed in getting out of the victim consciousness and we realize how powerful we are in reality and that we are the responsible ones for our life and the events in it, then we can turn into assertive women, who are able to stand up for themselves and have an aura of calmness, power and confidence. And exactly this radiation of ours is our best protection from aggressors and the best way to attract all the wonderful things we want to create in our lives! The victim consciousness is part of my past now, from today on I am embodiment of strength!

Sexual trauma – it’s important to pay attention to them!

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