Sexual Trauma – It’s Important To Pay Attention To It!

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Sexual traumas are an extremely important topic, for which unfortunately we don’t talk enough or at least not in a constructive way. Most often we focus either on the fear from sexual abuse, which paralyses us and attracts more troubles to us, or we ignore this problem totally, saying to ourselves “this won’t happen to me”. However, both reactions are equally unproductive.

Why do I raise exactly this topic? According to my observations every second woman in Bulgaria, if not more, has faced kind of sexual abuse and it seems that in many other countries the situation is the same, if not worse. Here I don’t mean only cases of rape, which are undoubtedly the most horrible thing that can happen to a woman, but I include also the more “harmless” kinds of sexual abuse in the form of exhibitionism, being unwantedly touched, rude and unwanted insinuations on the topic, rude unwanted stalking – they all have the potential of being exactly as destructive to our psychological condition, sense of self-worth and attitude towards our body.

Whether you will develop trauma after such an experience or not, depends on many factors, for example age, mental condition, previous cases of sexual abuse, availability or lack of positive male presence in the life of the woman. But in all cases such kind of experience leaves its marks and it is good to pay attention to them in order to overcome the situation. In case we don’t become aware of the influence this situation had on us, it has the tendency to go deep in our unconscious mind and cause destruction from there, and at the same time our unconscious starts wasting big quantity of our vital energy so that it can keep the unpleasant memory out of the consciousness.

According to me the topic getting over a situation of sexual abuse is extremely important for all women. Even if you have had the luck not to experience such thing personally, this doesn’t mean that this aspect is not influencing you and it is so due to three reasons. The first one is the presence of the so called by Jung collective unconscious or in other words the collective information energetic field. It is like a data base with all thoughts, emotions and experiences of people on Earth in different times. From there we can obtain very useful information and other people’s experience on things we do and we ourselves don’t have enough knowledge about, and the gain of information from there happens automatically, we just know it somehow. But at the same time no matter if we want it or not, we get also influenced by some of the painful experience of others, to which we are open in some way. This can explain the fact why a woman, who on her own hasn’t experienced sexual abuse, is so sensitive towards stories about sexual abuse and has such strong emotions coming up. It hasn’t happened to her, but she is connected for some reason to all the horrible experience women during previous times had with sexual abuse.

The second way is through our family. Memory of sexual abuse can influence us deeply even if we ourselves haven’t gone through such an experience in case some of our ancestors had it. This is the so called family karma. In our DNA is recorded information from the experience of our parents and grandparents and the generations before them, everything they went through and if they have learned the lesson out of it or not. If our mother or grandmother have had an experience of sexual trauma, but couldn’t cope with it, then it transfers onto us and from us on our children if we don’t learn the lesson out of it and get over it.

The third option is explained by the theory of reincarnation – if in some of your previous lives you have gone through sexual trauma and couldn’t get over it, then the memory of it is saved in your etheric body and creates you troubles as long as you don’t pay attention to it and learn your lesson out of it.

Yes, this topic is not a pleasant one, but it’s extremely important and valuable for each one of us. Because every blocked issue in us prevents us from manifesting our full potential, respectively different aspects from our life don’t go the best way, because they lack energy… It is definitely worth it to work on this topic, because when we free ourselves from this trauma, we become much stronger, much more joyful and we attract even more beautiful things in our lives! How exactly to help ourselves? Well, we will talk about this in the following publications.

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