Love Your Body – Visualization

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Affirmations and visualization are an extremely powerful tool. They can help us tune to a more positive attitude and make our mind a good friend of ours and not our main critic. It would be great if we let this tool help us on the way to our self-growth. Affirmations and visualization can help us also on the way to loving our body. The following visualization is part of the seminar “Love your body here and now”, which took place on 16.01.2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria. When we do such exercises in group, the experience and effect are way more powerful. But still, in order to have a positive attitude, we need to do our exercises regularly, even if there are no people around us willing to join us. It’s important to start using affirmations and visualization especially when it is a habit of yours the moment you look at the mirror to start critisizing yourself. Now sit comfortably, close your eyes and enjoy:

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