Interview For “One Of Us Shares” – Part 2

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photo: Nadya Sabeva

Shared by Emiliya Tsaneva

Is forgiveness important in your life?

I adore Louise Hay… If we want to go through life with ease, it is necessary to have forgiveness as a permanent part of our life, otherwise we remain stuck in some situations from the past and we can’t go ahead. I had many moments, in which I kept the injury and the anger within me for such a long time, and it took me quite a lot of effort to forgive. But since I started seeing things from a higher perspective, forgiveness started coming to me naturally – you just realize that everything that happens in your life you attract in order to learn your lessons. Other people just create the conditions for you to learn those lessons, they behave towards you in a way that you can realize certain truths. Most probably towards another person they would behave in a different way.   So nobody is guilty of anything that happens to you, just be grateful for the opportunity to learn your lesson finally, especially when you notice a repetitive model in your relationship with different people. What’s done is done, say thank you to the soul of the other person for the opportunity to learn your lesson and go ahead with or without him, depending on the situation.

Note – to forgive does not mean to give your cheeks for slaps again and again and to let the other person hurt you. To forgive means to realize that this is just a lesson, to bless the person, even only silently and maybe to go ahead without any contact to the other person in the physical world. Just your thoughts about the person should be light, it is not necessary to undergo his hits in the physical reality. And you forgive not because the person in front of you is so good and deserves to be forgiven, but because you yourself deserve to be free from the pain and go ahead.

What gives you strength to go ahead in difficult moments?

The belief that everything that happens to us, has a higher purpose and brings us some kind of lesson. And the mantra “this too shall pass”.

Do you want to change yourself in some way?

According to me, there is always something more that we can develop in ourselves. At the moment, me personally, I am focused on learning how to release the control. Most of us have this tendency to want to plan things in advance and to have control over events. But most often things happen as they have to, not as we want and push them to happen. Inwardly I know that everything happening is for our highest and optimum good and so it should be, but although I know this quite well, sometimes I still grab onto the idea that I want this particular thing to happen as I want it to happen and that’s it. And this is exactly the attitude I would like to change. I would like just to relax and enjoy what comes to me and not to insist that I want something else, no matter the price.

Have you found your vocation?

Yes, we finally found each other! It took me quite some time and many attempts, but I already know that my vocation is to inspire people to take a better care of themselves, to develop, to believe in themselves, to love themselves as they are and to remember who they truly are and why they are here.

Do you believe in Life after death?

Absolutely I do, as well as in reincarnation.

Which emotions play the biggest role in your life and which emotions do you feel most often?

With emotions I’ve always had big fights since I remember myself, because since my youngest years I’ve always been extremely emotional – even the tiniest thing could make me cry or could excite me to such an extent that I am not able to stay on one place. During the years I’ve tried to control my emotions, since it’s not a good idea to pour your powerful emotions over the people around you… But I ended up suppressing my emotions, which is also not a good option. Now I am working on expressing my emotions in a constructive way – this way I don’t suppress them in myself, and at the same time people around me are still safe and sound after that. The practice of self-observation and meditation helped quite a lot for this.

So to answer the question which emotions play the most important role in my life – sadness, anger and joy. Sadness is the one that makes me stop for a while, withdraw from everyday life for a moment and realize what is going on and what is wrong, then makes me cry long enough, think what I should do in order to change the situation that doesn’t satisfy me and make me sad and then go ahead.

Anger most often shows me that I have been too soft with someone and I haven’t set clear boundaries, so the person just accepted that there is no problem for him to do whatever he wants with me and to behave without taking my opinion and feelings into consideration… Anger is the one that makes me think whether I have been clear enough what is acceptable for me and what not, and also motivates me to do something in order to put clearer boundaries.

And joy is the one that shows me that I walk on the right way. Every time I feel inner joy, I know I am doing the right thing.

What advice would you give according to your life experience to a child or to other people in general?

Everything that happens in your life, has its higher reason. Don’t ask “why me”, just look for the lesson in the situation you are in, cry a bit if you need it and start doing the things that bring you joy and enjoy them with all your heart.

What can make you cry?

A lot of things. Me personally, I don’t mind crying whenever I feel sad and this is maybe one of the most productive ways of getting rid of the emotions, at least for me. Sometimes I choose an extremely sad movie on purpose in order to cry enough and after this I feel purified. Or if I feel like crying all of a sudden, I just walk in the street and cry, against all the opinions that you can’t let others see you weak. I am a human being with its strengths and weaknesses. That is why my opinion is that it is better to let the sadness go away through crying, rather than suppressing it in yourself and prolonging the agony this way.

And what can make you smile?

It can happen that I am very sad and then I just sit on a bench and look around. The moment I see a dog having fun or a young child playing or laughing, this makes me smile spontaneously and improves my mood right away.

What do you treasure the most in your life? What are you most grateful for?

The spiritual attitude towards life. Before I remembered that life has a higher reason, I fell into despair quite often even from the smallest difficulty, because I couldn’t find the sense in anything. Moreover, I didn’t love myself and I measured my value according to the extent others valued me. And at some point it just popped in my mind – hey, remember why you came here and how special you are in reality! And I remembered! It doesn’t mean that now I don’t have difficult situations and that I don’t fall into despair sometimes, it doesn’t mean that now it doesn’t hurt me sometimes, but together with pain and despair, deep within my heart I always feel calmness and light and I know that no matter what happens on outer level, I am stronger than that and I can make it. Even in situations where your heart is so hurt and bleeds, when you feel that your world has been smashed into pieces and you tremble from cry, at the same time you feel that all of this in reality is just waves on the surface, which will soon go away, and in your core there is calmness and joy. It is such a blessing to remember who you are and why you are here!

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