Opportunity for a free skype consultation

In the end of October Healthy Story turns 3 years, and its creator becomes 1 year wiser as well. This is why as a gratitude that we are on planet Earth, we decided to give opportunity for a free skype consultation for 5 of you. The consultations could be held in English, German or Bulgarian, depending on your need.

Please fill out the questionnaire below and send it to our email: office@healthy-story.com
You can download our questionnaire from here:
Healthy Story’s Questionnaire

The aim of this questionnaire is for me to have a better picture of your situation and to estimate if I can be of help for you, and of course all the information that you provide in the questionnaire as well as the consultations, is entirely confidential. 

The first 5 of you, who send us the questionnaire and for whom I estimate that I can be of use, will get a free skype consultation.

This free skype consultation will be held between 24-th and 30-th of October after we agree on a suitable date and time for both sides.

The topics I could be of use for you the most are:

- Acceptance and love towards your own body
– Acceptance and joy towards your own femininity
– Acceptance of your own imperfections
– Creating healthy relationship with food
– Creating a good self-esteem
– Assertiveness and boundaries
– Goals and planning
– Mild depression

Thank you!



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