Are The Lost Kilograms Coming Back?

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Probably each one who had the challenge of reducing his body weight, has also had the unpleasant experience of loosing the kilograms he wanted or some of these kilos and then getting the same kilos back or even more than that, and this happens sometimes right away after the achieved result and sometimes gradually as time passes. What is the reason for this?

First of all fear. We have just achieved success, our clothes are already bigger size than ours, we feel good, our body is so light, there is no heaviness as before, and all people around us admire us. This is definitely a reason to rejoice, but unconsciously you are so scared of gaining your previous weight back and this is true especially for the people who had weight problems over years and they are not used to see their body so light and beautiful. And as we know, what we focus on, that is what we get, especially when it comes to fear. Fear is extremely powerful energy, which gets its fuel from our thoughts and emotions and if we don’t take care of it, it can cause us a lot of problems. What is the solution? Emotions on their own are hard to be controlled, but thoughts are way easier to be gained command of and through our thoughts we can also change our emotions.

The first step is to realize that joy caused by the reached goal is actually being clouded by the fear that we might gain our previous kilos back. Then we can make the conscious choice to focus on joy and not on fear. How we make this? Give yourself time to rejoice your new body. Admire yourself in front of the mirror; buy yourself beautiful clothes that will emphasize your success and put such clothes on each morning in order to get used to the idea that you already have the wonderful body you have always dreamed of. And say to yourself “Well done”! Every time you go near the mirror, tap yourself on the shoulder mentally and congratulate yourself on the achieved success. This way you strengthen your joy and the result of all your efforts and you change the viewpoint of your mind.

In case that your fear is very strong and it has already reached deep within your consciousness to such an extent that you just can’t feel the joy from the achieved result, you can get rid of the problem temporarily as you turn your back to it. I say temporarily because this step only makes the fear weaker, but it does not heal it. And still when fear is too powerful and has gained such a control over you that you can’t feel the joy, then its exhausting is a good way to start.

Our mind can only think of one thing at a time. The thousands of thoughts that always go on in our heads just seem to run at the same time, but they actually run one by one, one after the other with reckless speed. Let’s use this knowledge wisely. In the exact moment fear appears, we can just start an activity that demands our complete indulgence. For each one this activity can be different, but I will give you just a few examples from my personal experience – from unpleasant thoughts I escape most easily when I draw, sing, run, dance, jump, play the guitar, read a really inspiring book (if it is boring it doesn’t work), I watch a very interesting film (if it isn’t interesting enough for me, again it doesn’t do the job) or I start arranging the clothes in my wardrobe (pretty strange activity, but it always helps me “turn off” the mind when it has too many unpleasant thoughts).

Now we already have weakened fear, but in order to preserve our victory, we need to do something more – to clear the subconsciousness. In our subconsciousness there are plenty of beliefs and fears, for example: the yo-yo effect; well this depends on your body structure; you cannot really be thin; during winter we gain weight; now when you start eating as you normally do, you will get fat again… and so many others. Once we have realized that there is such a mess in our subconsciousness, which secretly prevents us from being happy and keep our good results, we have the power to get rid of those persuasions. How? You just replace them with healthy and useful affirmations. You make up one positive affirmation, which responds personally to you and you write it down in your subconsciousness in every possible way – you can repeat the affirmation about 10 times each morning in front of the mirror for at least 21 days; you can write down the affirmation each morning on paper at least 10 times fully concentrated on the separate words; you can write down the new state of mind on different small papers and then stick them up to places at home where you can see them more often – on your computer, on your calendar, on your room’s door, on your fridge’s door, on your night-table… and make sure that every time you go near one of those notes you will either read it or remember the positive affirmation on it.

And still be careful with those affirmations. It’s not good to be something like: “I am not afraid” or “I am not going to gain weight again…” Such affirmations act against you. Let the affirmation be in affirmative form, present tense, for example:

– “I am a wonderful creature and I fully deserve this beautiful harmonious body that I now have.”

– “I am a new person and I take care of my beautiful body with joy the best way I can.”

– “With ease I keep my balanced weight and I enjoy it my whole life.”

Do you see how the poor fear runs away in panic from you? That’s right, it doesn’t have place in your life anymore. It’s time we enjoy our success!

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