Homemade Dark Chocolates

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100-150 gr cacao paste
Coconut butter
Mould for chocolates

Melt the cacao paste on steam, which will take around half an hour. When the solid cacao paste pieces turn into liquid-like mixture, add 2 table spoons of coconut butter and mix well, so that the coconut butter melts as well. Finally, add 2 table spoons honey and again mix well. Leave it like this for 1-2 minutes more in case the honey is liquid. If the honey is not liquid, leave it on the steam a bit longer, so that it can melt as well.

Now pour the mixture in the mould – in order to be easier for you, you can use a tea spoon. When ready, put the mould with the mixture into the freezer. The chocolates should be ready in about 1-2 hours. Then get them out of the mould, leave them for about 15-20 minutes in room temperature, so that they become softer (in the sense that after you take them out of the freezer, the chocolates are quite hard, and when they stay in room temperature for a while, they become softer and nicer). Then keep them in the fridge.

In case you need the chocolates to hold their shape for longer time outside the fridge without melting (for example if you want to bring them when you visit someone or to work), just decrease the amount of coconut butter you put in them, since because of it the chocolates become softer and melt faster.



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