photo: Nadya Sabeva

photo Nadya Sabeva

I am not a dietitian, so don’t expect me to give you a miraculous diet for weight loss or prescription what is best for you to eat. I am not a doctor, so that I can give you an excuse for your condition with some kind of illness or magical pills, which can cure everything.

But I can help you in creating a plan of particular steps which path to choose and from where to start, I can help you in identifying ineffective mental models, which stand in your way and make you unhappy, I can be of use in becoming aware of suppressed emotions and ways to deal with them, I can help you motivate yourself, I can give you moral support and personal experience. Sometimes we just need someone to give us a hand, so that we go on the right path for us. I would be glad to be that someone for you.

If you want to have a consultation, we have to specify time and date for you in advance. The price of a consultation with duration 1 hour is 20 euro. The consultation can be conducted personally or through skype. The personal consultation takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria, and in specific periods of time in Veliko Tarnovo as well. For other cities and countries, the skype consultation is more suitable. Please check the program with our seminars regularly. If we have a seminar in your area, a personal consultation is possible.

If you would like to have a consultation with me, please download our questionnaire below, fill it in and send it on to

Healthy Story’s Questionnaire

Lectures and seminars

lectureIf you would like to organize a lecture or a seminar in the field of healthy weight loss, healthy lifestyle, personal development, positive thinking or yoga, I would be glad to be your partner. Conditions and prices can be specified additionally.

The seminars I am holding at the moment are: Start loving your body here and now” and “Start loving your femininity”.

Start loving your body here and now

The love towards yourself and towards your own body is the foundation of good health, beautiful shape, self-confidence, success, your overall tone and the joyful state of being.

Then why a lot of people  accept neither themselves, nor their bodies?

Why we torture ourselves with painful diets and why every time we look ourselves in the mirror we wish to be someone else?

What stands in our way to love ourselves as we are?

What does the lack of love towards our own bodies cause us?

How to test if we love our bodies and ourselves enough?

Where beauty comes from actually?

How to learn loving our bodies here and now?

There are a lot of questions, but the main thing is one and the same – love towards ourselves is the best medicine for all problem raising situations we create.

Start loving your femininity

To be a woman in today’s world is a real challenge, but if we are conscious enough about the blessings and obstacles of this vocation, then it is easier for us to keep our balance and feel inner joy.

Why are we so confused about the real meaning of the word femininity?

What is the real femininity?

Which are the obstacles in front of the vocation to be a woman?

Which are the blessings of the task to be a woman?

How to accept and start loving our feminine essence?

What should we do with the abundancy of emotions?

How can we find balance between the different aspects of our life?

If we realize the answers to those questions, we reach a new level of understanding ourselves and this is going to enhance our outer life as well. So it is time to recall the real beauty of being a woman!

How to bring up children, who love their bodies?

Being a parent, just taking care of a kid temporarily or working with children is a great responsibility. Children suck in every word of ours, copy each behaviour and form their picture of the world, their self-confidence or extreme self-criticism depending on how we treat them and what we teach them.

How to help  little child keep the love towards itself, it has been born with?

What to do when a child has overweight or if it is obese?

How to help our teenager see the beauty in the mirror?

If we help the child create a steady base of self-confidence, love towards itself and knowledge how to take care of its body the best way, we contribute to the growth of a balanced, successful and happy person!

Consecutive interpreting

I’ve specialized in consecutive interpreting during seminars and private sessions in the field of personal development and spiritual growth from English and German and my mother language is Bulgarian. Until now I have interpreted during seminars and private sessions of Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Stargate. When you organise an event like this, it is really good to think of  an interpreter, who is acquainted with the topic, because sometimes even a very good interpreter can get confused when it comes to spiritual issues in case he is not really interested in this. I have the CAE-certificate in English and the DSD-Diplom in German. The price for interpreting depends on agreement between the two parties.

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