Comfort and traveling – video


We all have parts of ourselves, which want different things. There is the adventurous part, which wants to travel the world, meet new people and do new things and there is the part of us, which seeks comfort and security. Both are with us all the time. And we need to nourish both of them

The more, the better – or maybe not?


The more, the better is not always the case, especially when it comes to personal development and therapy. Does it sound weird to you? Well, me personally, for many years I was thinking that the more books I read, the more seminars I attend, the more insight I have, the more work I do on

Think – video


We all know how important it is to think with your own head and not just do what others do. However, thinking uses a lot of energy, whereas going with the crowd seems easy. In the long run, however, really using our own brain turns to be the more fulfilling option, which helps us take

How to get the most out of a consultation – video


Some tips on how to use your time in the session in the best possible way.

Opportunity for a free skype consultation


In the end of October Healthy Story turns 3 years, and its creator becomes 1 year wiser as well. This is why as a gratitude that we are on planet Earth, we decided to give opportunity for a free skype consultation for 5 of you. The consultations could be held in English, German or Bulgarian,

Enjoy your imperfections – video


In this case we often forget that human beings are created imperfect and none of us is totally perfect, all of us have their imperfections. I believe, it’s time for us to have a look at our imperfections, accept them and even start enjoying them. We have our imperfections for a reason and it’s great

Follow your own advice – video


Very often we don’t know what to do in certain situation in our lives and then a friend comes to us, seeking for advice for a similar situation and – oh, what a surprise – we have a brilliant solution for him/her and we haven’t thought about it at all when we were in the

Clothes and compulsive shopping


Author: Emilia Tsaneva I guess all of us have heard the common phrase that a woman can have a wardrobe full of clothes, and still be complaining that she has nothing to wear. Furthermore, probably most women have said to themselves at least once: “I deserve to take care of myself!”, in order to justify

Before the great relationship – video

Predi prekrasnata vruzka

We often focus on what partner we want to have, where to find him/her, what the relationship should bring us… But we rarely pay attention to what we bring into the relationship, however, being conscious about it is crucial. In this video I am sharing my experience about what traits you need to develop before

Being selfish – video


If you are used to taking care of others first and neglecting yourself, when you start taking more care of yourself, you might feel as if you have become too selfish. But taking care of yourself is a healthy selfishness. Of course we should take other people’s feelings and needs into consideration, however it’s ok