The future is just a potential

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Author: Emiliya Tsaneva Have you ever realized you are just sitting and dreaming about what the future will be like? I can`t wait for the weekend to come, for the summer vacation, for my holiday… I can`t wait to graduate, to find the right job for me, to get promoted, to lose weight, to find

What is important for a woman in order to flourish?


Author: Emiliya Tsaneva Many years ago when the girl was just about to start turning into a woman, her mother, grandmother and aunts would gather to honor this beautiful event and to pass their female wisdom onto the girl. Nowadays, however, there is no such sharing of family female wisdom about what it means to

Goals and ambition – video


It`s great to have goals and to know what you want, however if you overdo them, you might end up miserable in stead of being happy with your life. The golden middle is the best practice as always – have goals, know what you want, but at the same time do plan in a realistic

Fear of failure and fear of success


How important is it to be direct – video


Misunderstanding happens all the time. Very often people don’t mean to hurt us, however we do feel hurt or we think we have hurt others. In order to make life easier and decrease the pain we cause ourselves, it would be great to learn and practice being direct. This way we learn to check in

Physical and emotional hunger – video


Have you ever realized how many of us use food as a coping strategy? In this video we will talk about the emotional hunger and what helps us distinguish it from the physical hunger. The first time I got to think about the difference between the two, it was when I read the book “Loosing

Opportunity for a free skype consultation


In order to celebrate Femininity and International Women’s day, Healthy Story would like to offer an opportunity for three ladies to get a free skype consultation. The consultation could be held in English, German or Bulgarian, depending on your need. Please fill out the questionnaire below and send it to our email: no later

Depression and B12


Vitamin B12 is a quite popular topic these days and I think this is wonderful. It is important for us to know more about B12, for example what is B12 responsible for in our bodies, where to get it from, what are the symptoms of its deficiency etc. However, the most important thing is for

Assertiveness and boundaries – video

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Assertiveness is the golden middle between the victim and the aggressive state. It’s taking responsibility for your own self, for meeting your needs and wants; it’s asking for help and stating what you are ok with and what you are not ok with. It’s being able to say “no”, when you want to say “no”,

Comfort and traveling – video


We all have parts of ourselves, which want different things. There is the adventurous part, which wants to travel the world, meet new people and do new things and there is the part of us, which seeks comfort and security. Both are with us all the time. And we need to nourish both of them