What is important for a woman in order to flourish?


Author: Emiliya Tsaneva Many years ago when the girl was just about to start turning into a woman, her mother, grandmother and aunts would gather to honor this beautiful event and to pass their female wisdom onto the girl. Nowadays, however, there is no such sharing of family female wisdom about what it means to

Sexual traumas – causes – rejection of sexuality

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The sexual attraction of the woman is extremely powerful from nature and it is necessary for a woman to cultivate and master it, so that she attracts only things that she wants in her life and only attention that is desired. According to the Vedas around our physical body is located a layer, which is

Sexual traumas – causes – victim consciousness

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Now we will take a look at the reasons why do these bad situations in sexual aspect happen. This is not by chance, because in the long run nothing happens by chance. In order to find ourselves on the same place with such an ill person, we should have created a precondition in our mind

Sexual traumas – it’s important to pay attention to them!

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Sexual traumas are an extremely important topic, for which unfortunately we don’t talk enough or at least not in a constructive way. Most often we focus either on the fear from sexual abuse, which paralyses us and attracts more troubles to us, or we ignore this problem totally, saying to ourselves “this won’t happen to