Stop settling for crumbs

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Author: Emiliya Tsaneva Every human being has their own story, which made them the person they are today and has influenced the way they see the world and connect with people. Everything has its reason, its purpose, its advantages and disadvantages. However, some stories make people go through the same hell over and over again,

Depression after a break-up

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Author: Emiliya Tsaneva You think you have found the person to spend your whole life with. You are happy and want to be together all the time. But all of a sudden this bliss fades away and you start fighting frequently – misunderstandings happen often, you are constantly displeased, even the blame game begins –

How important is it to be direct – video


Misunderstanding happens all the time. Very often people don’t mean to hurt us, however we do feel hurt or we think we have hurt others. In order to make life easier and decrease the pain we cause ourselves, it would be great to learn and practice being direct. This way we learn to check in

Before the great relationship – video

Predi prekrasnata vruzka

We often focus on what partner we want to have, where to find him/her, what the relationship should bring us… But we rarely pay attention to what we bring into the relationship, however, being conscious about it is crucial. In this video I am sharing my experience about what traits you need to develop before

How to behave towards potential partners?

Kak da se durjim s potencialnite partniori

I am not going to teach you tricks and give you tips on how to win the heart of your date. Because what matters the most is to be true to yourself and feel good about yourself. You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to be yourself. That’s beautiful enough.

Is there only one right partner for us?


Is there only one right partner for us with whom we are meant to be? Or are there more possibilities? Is it necessary to suffer in order to win your true love or should you simply move on if the other person is not that into you?

What kind of people do you attract?


No matter how strange it might sound to some of you, the world around us is actually a reflection of what happens inside of us. This is true for the outer circumstances in our lives, as well as for the people we attract. So if we want to check where we stand on the path