Think – video


We all know how important it is to think with your own head and not just do what others do. However, thinking uses a lot of energy, whereas going with the crowd seems easy. In the long run, however, really using our own brain turns to be the more fulfilling option, which helps us take

What kind of people do you attract?


No matter how strange it might sound to some of you, the world around us is actually a reflection of what happens inside of us. This is true for the outer circumstances in our lives, as well as for the people we attract. So if we want to check where we stand on the path

Positive Attitude and Self-Development


Interview with Ivaylo Belev – IT specialist and multiple twall® world champion Could you please introduce yourself briefly – who are you and what do you do? I define myself as “universal competitor” and “professional student”. I love challenging myself and putting my abilities to a test, that’s why competitions are my passion. Being in

Are the lost kilograms coming back? – Part 1


Probably each one who had the challenge of reducing his body weight, has also had the unpleasant experience of loosing the kilograms he wanted or some of these kilos and then getting the same kilos back or even more than that, and this happens sometimes right away after the achieved result and sometimes gradually as