Physical and emotional hunger – video


Have you ever realized how many of us use food as a coping strategy? In this video we will talk about the emotional hunger and what helps us distinguish it from the physical hunger. The first time I got to think about the difference between the two, it was when I read the book “Loosing

Depression and B12


Vitamin B12 is a quite popular topic these days and I think this is wonderful. It is important for us to know more about B12, for example what is B12 responsible for in our bodies, where to get it from, what are the symptoms of its deficiency etc. However, the most important thing is for

Assertiveness and boundaries – video

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Assertiveness is the golden middle between the victim and the aggressive state. It’s taking responsibility for your own self, for meeting your needs and wants; it’s asking for help and stating what you are ok with and what you are not ok with. It’s being able to say “no”, when you want to say “no”,

The more, the better – or maybe not?


The more, the better is not always the case, especially when it comes to personal development and therapy. Does it sound weird to you? Well, me personally, for many years I was thinking that the more books I read, the more seminars I attend, the more insight I have, the more work I do on

Think – video


We all know how important it is to think with your own head and not just do what others do. However, thinking uses a lot of energy, whereas going with the crowd seems easy. In the long run, however, really using our own brain turns to be the more fulfilling option, which helps us take

Being selfish – video


If you are used to taking care of others first and neglecting yourself, when you start taking more care of yourself, you might feel as if you have become too selfish. But taking care of yourself is a healthy selfishness. Of course we should take other people’s feelings and needs into consideration, however it’s ok

To depression with love


Depression – my faithful fellow-traveler throughout most of my life. I have tried to get rid of it so many times and in so many ways, I have tried to mute its voice, but it simply continued to insist stubbornly with its paralyzing voice: “Listen to me! Stop for a moment!”. But I was stubborn

What kind of people do you attract?


No matter how strange it might sound to some of you, the world around us is actually a reflection of what happens inside of us. This is true for the outer circumstances in our lives, as well as for the people we attract. So if we want to check where we stand on the path

Comfort zone


Most of us know how good it is to get out of the comfort zone, so that we learn new things, expand and grow. But at the same time it’s important also to stay enough time in the comfort zone, so that we can relax, take care of ourselves and really get to integrate the

Say no to the good, yes to the great


Many of us settle for jobs, relationships and things that are ok. But how many of us have the courage to say no for the things that are ok and create space for the job, relationship and other things, for which we feel like: Yes, this is it! Yes, it is scary sometimes. We might