Goals and ambition – video


It`s great to have goals and to know what you want, however if you overdo them, you might end up miserable in stead of being happy with your life. The golden middle is the best practice as always – have goals, know what you want, but at the same time do plan in a realistic

Fear of failure and fear of success


Comfort and traveling – video


We all have parts of ourselves, which want different things. There is the adventurous part, which wants to travel the world, meet new people and do new things and there is the part of us, which seeks comfort and security. Both are with us all the time. And we need to nourish both of them

Enjoy your imperfections – video


In this case we often forget that human beings are created imperfect and none of us is totally perfect, all of us have their imperfections. I believe, it’s time for us to have a look at our imperfections, accept them and even start enjoying them. We have our imperfections for a reason and it’s great

Follow your own advice – video


Very often we don’t know what to do in certain situation in our lives and then a friend comes to us, seeking for advice for a similar situation and – oh, what a surprise – we have a brilliant solution for him/her and we haven’t thought about it at all when we were in the

You are on the right place, doing the right thing


Very often we get restless, always wondering if we do the right thing and if we are on the right place, especially when we compare ourselves to our friends. Come down, you are not missing on anything! Check with yourself what is appropriate for you. And trust life, you are always on the right place,