What does the practice Live wave give me


I got to know the dance meditation practice Live wave about two years and a half ago, when I had a class with her creator – Vesela Angelova, for the first time. I remember that it took me quite some time until I actually went to the hall – there were always some “important” things

Healthy lifestyle and motivation in bodybuilding


Interview with Scott Hansel – personal trainer and bodybuilder There are many young men taking protein powders and chemical substances in order to achieve a better body shape. Is there a natural way to achieve the so desired muscle mass and what advice would you give to those people who take artificial helpers? I’m sponsored

Bodybuilding as a way to develop


Interview with Scott Hansel – personal trainer and bodybuilder Could you please introduce yourself briefly – who are you and what do you do? Hi, my name is Scott Hansel and I compete in physique bodybuilding competitions. I just did my first show this past October, and loved it! I got 2nd place in my

About Eastern dance


Interview with Milena Davidova – artist and dance practices teacher. Would you please introduce yourself briefly? My name is Milena Davidova.I am an arabist by profession, my undergraduate degree is Arabic, MA is Arabian social studiesand my PhD dissertation is also in Arabian social studies on topic “The female dance in Egypt and Morocco”. I

The beauty of running


Running is one of the most convenient ways to stir, to feel satisfied from yourself, to free yourself from the redundant nervous tension and to get rid of the emotions in excess.    Of course, an additional bonus is the beautiful shape you get, but this is only a “side effect”. Actually the motivation of running