Physical and emotional hunger – video


Have you ever realized how many of us use food as a coping strategy? In this video we will talk about the emotional hunger and what helps us distinguish it from the physical hunger. The first time I got to think about the difference between the two, it was when I read the book “Loosing

Clothes and compulsive shopping


Author: Emilia Tsaneva I guess all of us have heard the common phrase that a woman can have a wardrobe full of clothes, and still be complaining that she has nothing to wear. Furthermore, probably most women have said to themselves at least once: “I deserve to take care of myself!”, in order to justify

What makes you want to loose weight?


Since spring is just around the corner, more and more women decide they have to loose weight, so they start dieting, counting their callories and they even feel as a complete failure if they miss only one training from the sport they have chosen to loose weight with, not to mention how they feel if

Homemade dark chocolates

Shokoladovi bonboni-cheren shokolad (1024x613)

Products 100-150 gr cacao paste Coconut butter Honey Mould for chocolates Preparation Melt the cacao paste on steam, which will take around half an hour. When the solid cacao paste pieces turn into liquid-like mixture, add 2 table spoons of coconut butter and mix well, so that the coconut butter melts as well. Finally, add

Vegan Russian salad

Russian salad

Products: 8 medium potatoes 4 medium carrots 300 gr frozen or dried peas 1 cucumber For the mayonnaise: 250 gr hulled raw sunflower seeds 1 lemon Himalayan salt Preparation: In order to pickle the cucumber, we need to wash it, peel it, cut it into small cubes, put them in a bowl and add vinegar,

How to teach children to love their bodies?


We all know how much effort it takes to establish love towards your body as an adult, after so many years of non-acceptance and even hatred towards it. But this was a lesson for us – to learn from personal experience how it feels not to love yourself, and then to find out how to

Yoga for the eyes


Our eyes need exercise as well. We have some muscles in the eyes, which need training. Through these exercises we take a good care of our eyes, we can improve our vision and help the eyes relax after a hard day at work. Do exercises slowly and gently. If you feel pain or pressure in

Yoga relaxation


This exercise will help your body and mind relax. Lie down in a quiet room, where nobody will disturb you for the next 10 minutes. Close your eyes, listen to the relaxation and repeat in silence. Enjoy:

Make peace with your body


Your body is perfect for its purpose – to be your home on planet Earth and be your vehicle. Our mind may not see it as perfect, we might want to loose some weight, gain some weight, change our hair colour etc. But we should learn to accept the body as it is right now,

Beet greens salad


Yes, you can eat not only the beet, but the beet greens as well! Maybe you will need to make a bit more efforts to find them, but it is definately worth it. Most probably you won’t be able to find them in the big supermarkets, but you can find them in grocery stores and