Bonbons with pomegranate

Bonboni s narProducts for about 30 bonbons:

1 box of fresh dates

100 g. raw almonds

Cocoa (preferably raw)


Coconut dust

A bit of water


Wash the dates, get the pits out and peel them. Put the dates into blender (not all dates at once, but on several portions, so that you blend them easier), add a bit of water and cocoa and blend. The result is sticky paste, which you put into a bowl. Wash the almonds and blend them, after that put them into the bowl with date paste. Mix almonds and date paste well, after that shape small balls with hands and roll them in coconut dust. Add pieces of pomegranate in the end putting them carefully in the middle of the bonbon’s surface.

The combination between sweet dates and sourish pomegranate is something unique! You should definately try it!


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